First Birthday Of The Year

Good evening everyone!! With a big family like mine comes many celebrations. Birthdays take up the first half of the year for us leaving the holiday season just for the holidays. The new year for us starts off just right with the birthday of my one and only granddaughter. Because her birthday was on a weekday, we celebrated twice! First celebration was at home and the 2nd celebration at Chuck E Cheese. I had so much fun decorating the house that I really stayed up until 2 a.m. the night before her birthday. I love parties especially the setting up part of it. I was so impressed with it all that all birthday decorations stayed up for a couple days! How cool is it that paper, ribbons, sparkly plastic, lots of glue and tape could make something so pretty! It really was all so beautiful! Losing a little bit of shuteye to see her sweet face in awe and fully amazed was truly worthwhile. It doesn’t seem like much but believe it or not it took four different stores to complete this birthday setup. Along with the fun part of decorating comes the baking: glad to have boxed cake mix and pre-made frostings! With the help of Betty Crocker (wink, wink) I was able to make a personal sized birthday cake and some cupcakes too. All decorated so pretty with ocean blue and turquoise blue frosting to represent the sky and the ocean for her Little Mermaid themed party. Lastly the present. The birthday present. Let me tell you! Oh boy, what was I thinking. The easiest part of the present was buying it online. Had I known it would take me almost an hour to assemble, I’d probably hire someone to do it for me. But regardless of the assembly time that too was also worthwhile. She’ll be coloring endlessly at her new Disney Princess desk chair set. I’ll be looking forward to many masterpieces.

White cake with vanilla custard and buttercream frosting.
Birthday girl
Birthday girl and pizza
Birthday girl says “cheese”.

I thought she would only end up with about 10 tickets. Surprisingly, she ended up with more than 200 tickets. Not sure if she had a blast with this, but I know we all had a blast watching. Happy Birthday Charlotte!! Lola loves you!!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Good night and have a great week!!


Author: riseandshinewithlola

Just me being me. Mom. Lola. Wife. Sharing to inspire, encourage and put a smile on your face!

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